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Tunisia is back, says Macron

Some believe that the Arab Spring is now over. It is not as you are living in it and keeping it alive. You are daily showing that Tunisia is back, visiting French President Emmanuel said during an extraordinary session held on Thursday in the House of People’s Representative.

He hailed the civil society’s dynamism, recalling the attribution of the Nobel Peace Prize to the Quartet, a momentous event for Tunisia.

Macron further paid a tribute to men and women forming the political society that drafted a Constitution implementing gender equality and instituting freedom of conscience. You have carried out a cultural revolution and achieved it, he indicated.

In this respect, he commended the decision of President Beji Caid Essebsi who initiated an irreversible movement for equal rights for men and women.

Tunisia has succeeded in establishing a civil state and proved through this cultural and political revolution that Islam and democracy are compatible contrary to those who believe that Islam seeks to control the State.

Through this profound work, you have established a unique model and unprecedented example. Some consider it as abnormal () others consider it unique, allow me to consider it as hope.

Your current challenge is to transform the cultural and political spring into an economic and social one, continue this work and prevail it, change the Tunisians’ lives.

You have a huge responsibility to not weaken your achievements () your economic and social reforms are necessary, he added.

France will do everything in its power to help Tunisia () as brothers and sisters do, as we have shared history, language and lives. He recalled that some 800,000 Tunisians are based in France, in addition to those with dual nationalities and millions of shared citizens.

France only hopes to see Tunisia succeed, he pointed out.

As for co-operation relations, Macron notably stressed on common anti-terrorism fight by improving exchange of information concerning returning terrorists.

The United States of America and Europe are behind the deterioration of the situation in Libya and its direct impact on the security in Tunisia, he pointed out stressing that France, along with Tunisia, undertake to find a peaceful solution for the Libyan crisis.

France endeavours to support the sovereign choices and help preserve or establish pluralistic models, he indicated.

As for education, Macron ensured that France will support the choice made by Tunisia since the independence to focus on education. A strengthened partnership in the higher education field will be accomplished through the creation of the French-Tunisian University for Africa and the Mediterranean that will open its doors in 2019 thus making Tunisia a reference place in where elites from different African and Mediterranean countries will gather.

The Francophonie is not a French project, it is a culture shared between Mediterranean countries. France will support the idea of welcoming the Francophonie in 2020, he affirmed.

The first French alliance will be inaugurated on the occasion of Macron’s visit. Six other coalitions will be established during the same year to further promote the French language.

Besides, he indicated that France will mobilise the necessary investments to strengthen the French language learning.

On another level, he evoked the issue of illegal immigrants traffickers who have transformed the Mediterranean into a cemetery of hopes. According to him, breaking up networks of these hope traffickers is a challenge that must be met jointly.

The French President affirmed that France will do all it can for a happy ending for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. France will only do so if this ending will occur through dialogue between the Palestinians and the Israelis, as it will only be possible through the acknowledgment of two free states with Jerusalem as their capitals and with recognised borders.

Those who believe that we can solve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict from the opposite side of the Atlantic, are mistaken, he concluded.

Source: TAP news Agency

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