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Tunisia joins Universal Postal Union project, Ecom @ Africa

Tunisia joined on Friday the Universal Postal Union project, Ecom @ Africa, on the creation of a regional e-commerce platform, said Anouar MaArouf, Minister of Technology and Digital Economy, at a news conference held after the meeting on Friday afternoon in Kasbah between Prime Minisgter Youssef Chahed and General-Director of the Universal Postal Union, Bishar Abdirahman Hussein.

According to the minister, this agreement aimed to develop export procedures for Tunisian and foreign companies, by improving the postal and logistical services of the Tunisian Post and will allow Tunisia to position itself as a Regional e-commerce hub.

This agreement will also make it possible to modernise rapid-post services and create a common platform for services between ports, airports and Post offices throughout the country, with the aim of facilitating export of Tunisian products and transit of international goods through Tunisian airports and ports. The first phase of this project will start before the end of 2017.

The minister told TAP that the creation of this platform will make of Tunisia a transit region of goods and will help it to integrate the economy of electronic commerce.

This project aims to take advantage of the continuous growth of African economies so that Tunisia turns into an African commercial hub.

The country will spend $ 10 million over three years on this project, as a first step, while the materialisation of the other phases will be concomitant with the increase in the flow of goods.

The aim is to set up e-commerce storage centres, establish a virtual system, electronic payment services, customs clearance as well as to provide expertise in electronic commerce and to develop infrastructure in the post field.

This agreement aims to connect Tunisia to the international electronic commerce network and transform it into an electronic hub, while guaranteeing the passage of goods at reduced prices in order to strengthen competitiveness of the Tunisian economy. The Tunisian Post will be tasked with implementing this agreement.

Source: TAP news Agency

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