Tunisia reiterates commitment to protect African diaspora

Tunisia has renewed its commitment to protect African communities living in the country, calling on the Panel of the Wise (PoW) to “convey messages of appeasement and solidarity between the different countries of the continent, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Migration and Tunisians Abroad said in a statement Saturday.

The Tunisian reaction was expressed during the participation of Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Mounir Ben Rjiba, in the ministerial meeting held Friday by VTC by the Peace and Security Council of the African Union, under the chairmanship of Tanzania, and dedicated to the review of the activities of the PoW.

The Secretary of State underlined the key role of the mandate of the PoW, a body created in 2007 within the African peace and security system, in contributing to the consolidation of security and the promotion of stability and well-being throughout Africa, in particular through preventive diplomacy and mediation.

It added that the recurrence of conflicts and the emergence of new phenomena that threaten peace, security and stability on the African continent are factors that make it imperative to adopt a preventive and proactive approach in which the Panel of the Wise must play a central role in crisis prevention and the peaceful settlement of disputes.

To this end, «it is more necessary than ever to provide the Panel with the human, financial and logistical resources it needs to fulfil its mission,» according to the statement.