Tunisia to observe International Day of Older Persons Saturday

(TAP) – Tunisia is observing Saturday the International Day of Older Persons, under the theme: “For better care of the older persons.”


The choice of this theme is consistent with the global and strategic orientations that emphasise the importance of prevention at all stages of life in order to reach the age of healthy seniors, a press release issued Friday by the Primary Health Care Directorate indicates.


The elderly account for 13% of the Tunisian population and are expected to reach 19% in 2030, the same source added.


The Primary Healthcare Directorate in this regard, pointed out the need to exercise regularly and keep oneself psychologically and physically healthy in order to be fit in old age.


It is also recommended, according to the same source, to have a healthy and balanced diet and to avoid risk factors such as addiction to alcohol or tobacco which cause several diseases.


The necessary protection should also be provided for older persons, notably those who are ill and have to take medication on a regular basis.


Besides, the directorate underlined the need for early diagnosis of diseases such as dementia or Alzheimer’s and follow preventive measures to protect oneself from epidemics and communicable and infectious diseases.


Source: TAP News Agency