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Tunisia to present its report on child rights to UN next August 25

Tunisia will present its report on the rights of the child to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child in Geneva next August 25.

In a statement to TAP, on the sidelines of the national consultation on the first draft of the report on Friday, Hatem Kotran, academic and a member of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child said the report encompasses periodic reports 4, 5 and 6.

“The first report drawn up after the 2011 Revolution brings together the opinions and remarks emanating from civil society as well as the laws, measures and mechanisms adopted by Tunisia on the protection of the rights of the child”, he pointed out.

He cited as an example article 47 of the Constitution stipulating that the State must guarantee and protect the rights of the child without discrimination.

Tunisia, which has signed the International Convention on the Rights of the Child, is committed like the 194 signatory countries to present to the United Nations a report every four years on the rights of the child, said the UN official, noting that the latest report (No. 3) published by Tunisia dates back to 2010.

“The paper presented today responds to the recommendations of the Committee on the Rights of the Child on the latest report published in 2010, which expresses concern about the non-application of measures in reality, discrimination between Tunisian children and the inequality in access to rights for children in disadvantaged areas, “he said.

Moez Cherif, president of the Tunisian association for the defense of the rights of the child expressed reservations on the report presented.

He noted in particular the absence of statistics and figures on the situation of children in Tunisia, adding that the application of laws and legislation relating to children has not reached the desired degree in Tunisia.

He also indicated that the report did not mention the phenomenon of discrimination between Tunisian children and inequality in access to entertainment and education.

“The report did not address in depth several issues, including increasing violence against children, rising suicides and dropout, he noted.

Mr. Cherif also underlined that the report did not take into account the remarks and analyses of all the components of civil society and was limited only to opinions of the Tunisian Scouts and the Tunisian Organisation for Education and the Family.

In his opening remarks, Minister for Relations with Constitutional Institutions, Civil Society and Human Rights Mehdi Ben Gharbia said a participatory approach has been adopted in developing this report by involving civil society.

“To ensure more objectivity, workshops were organised in different regions to listen to the children, who are the first to be concerned by this document,” he said.

In this respect, he paid tribute to the children’s maturity and awareness of the problems they encountered, which mainly concerned regional inequality, the lack of spaces for entertainment and the need to open up isolated regions.

Source: TAP News Agency

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