Tunisia, UK driven by common will to fight terrorism | Tunisia News Gazette

Tunisia, UK driven by common will to fight terrorism

Bilateral cooperation and counter-terrorism efforts took centre stage as Minister in charge of Relations with Constitutional Bodies, Civil Society and Human Rights Mehdi Ben Gharbia met Tuesday in London with British Minister of State for Security at the Home Office Ben Wallace.

The two ministers said they reject “all forms of extremism and terrorism” and underlined common will to contend with extremist ideologies promoted by Daesh and terrorist groups.

“We are working in concert as part of partnership with civil society,” the officials were quoted as saying in a press release of the Ministry.

The British Minister commended Tunisia’s commitment to the fight against terrorism and reiterated the UK’s readiness to keep on underpinning its efforts.

Wallace also said a financial package of 33 MTD was earmarked for the support of Tunisia’s efforts in overhauling the security system and enhancing the security of tourists.

Source: TAP News Agency

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