Tunisian Férid Boughedir receives Henri Langlois Award

Tunisian filmmaker, critic and film historian Férid Boughedir received the Henri Langlois award at the 2nd İzmir International Mediterranean Cinemas Meeting (November 7-12).


Boughedir was awarded for his works (marked in Izmir by the screening of Halfaouine ( Asfour Stah (1990) and the last part of his “Tunis Trilogy”, the satirical comedy Zizou and the Arab Spring (2016), but also in tribute to his long-standing voluntary activism for the development of the Cinemas of the South: First and foremost in Tunisia, where he was one of the founders of the Association of Tunisian Filmmakers, as well as of the Pan-African Federation of Filmmakers, whose major texts he drafted, before chairing for 3 years the National Commission of Cinema, bringing together all the Tunisian film associations leading to the creation of the National Centre of Cinema and Image(CNCI) and the Tunisian Film Library.


Source: Tap News Agency