Tunisia's exports edge up 32.5% in first four months of 2018 (Ben Ahmed) | Tunisia News Gazette

Tunisia’s exports edge up 32.5% in first four months of 2018 (Ben Ahmed)

Tunisia’s exports have risen 32.5% in the first four months of the current year, which will have a positive effect on Tunisia’s trade balance,” Secretary of State for Foreign Trade Hichem Ben Ahmed said Tuesday at the opening of the first edition of the International Business Forum (IBF), on the theme “CEO Leader: Shaping the future of Tunisia”.

The official said Tunisia faces a number of economic and social challenges, including unemployment, poverty and deficit and it has put in place many reforms to ensure economic recovery, including the facilitation of procedures, reduction of project creation time…

He also noted that the creation of jobs for young people and the transformation of the country’s economy are among the priorities of the Government, and it is in this context that the Government has undertaken a number of measures, including taxation, the banking sector, investment …, likely to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit and promote the creation of wealth and boost growth.

For his part, French ambassador to Tunisia Olivier Poivre D’Arvor said “Tunisia is the country of the region that can give us big surprises, in the years to come”, especially that it has a generation made up of hundreds of thousands of young people wanting to enter and capture new markets.

“No one has seen this revolution come, and would have thought that Tunisia can continue its path towards democracy and meet its security challenges,” he pointed out, saying that it will overcome its current difficulties, condition “to make young people embrace entrepreneurship.

Kais Saoudi, co-organiser of IBF, said the Forum, which aims to bring together Tunisian and foreign leaders, seeks to be a meeting place and a space of exchange and learning for leaders in different business sectors.

Saoudi added that the business model is changing profoundly and it would be interesting to learn from the experiences of other companies and learn from their successes and failures, as well as develop strategic partnerships.

All the leaders present at this meeting were unanimous in stressing the need to overcome the crises encountered, to expand outside the national perimeter, through capturing international markets and to take advantage of new technologies.

In this context, Yassir El Ismaili El Idrissi, founder of the site Tayara.tn, said digitalisation has changed the business world, today, as the use of new technologies has significantly transformed trades and services provided to citizens, and more and more applications and ideas are needed rather than materials.

“The largest chain of hotels in the world, Airbnb, does not have any hotels, and likewise, the largest transport chain in the world does not have any cars,” he pointed out.

Source: TAP News Agency

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