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Two fires break out in El Fahs

Two fires erupted on Tuesday night in Oum Labouab and Faidh El Kamh Mountains in El Fahs delegations (Zaghouan governorate), said Regional Director of Civil Protection Salem Yousfi.

According to the same source, significant areas were destroyed, noting that the flames rapidly spread from Djebel Knaziz in Bargou (Siliana governorate) to Oum Labouab and Faidh El Kamh Mountains due to rough winds.

The fire has devoured several forest trees over a 5-km distance from Djebel Djebel Oum Labouab to National Road No. 4 linking El Fahs to Siliana.

Residents of the affected localities were accommodated in a local school. They returned to their houses on Wednesday after all safety measures were taken.

Yousfi said all the human and material means were mobilised to put out the fire and to deal with this disaster.

Source: TAP News Agency

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