Two Tunisian teachers qualified for second stage of Mohamed bin Zayed Award for Best Teacher

(TAP) – Two Tunisian teachers, Wided Rezgui and Wassim Fekih, have qualified for the second stage of the Mohamed bin Zayed Award for Best Teacher in its fourth session, after having qualified in the first stage (2021-2022).


A follow-up of the candidacy of the two Tunisians will be ensured during the second stage (2022-2023) by evaluating their performance and pioneering projects in the field of education, said Issam Boussalmi, media officer at the Ministry of Education.


The final evaluation of the first phase of the competition, launched in November 2021, ended with the qualification of Wided Rezgui, a mathematics teacher at Bomhel College, and Wassim Fekih, a teacher at Bouchra Primary School in Sfax.


According to Boussalmi, 246 Tunisian teachers submitted their applications via the prize website. The technical committee accepted 5 Tunisian educational projects, according to the criteria of the award, which were nominated for the virtual interview stage by specialists from the UAE side and Tunisian educational executives under the supervision of the General Administration of International Cooperation and in coordination with the regional education delegates.


He stressed that the award aims to support distinguished and creative teachers to promote the education sector in the Arab region by paying attention to the teacher as the true guarantee of sustainable education and by enhancing his or her skills.


Source: TAP News Agency