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UGTT calls on Government to establish serious social dialogue (Bou Ali Mbarki)

Deputy Secretary-General of the Tunisian General-Labour Union (UGTT) Bou Ali Mbarki on Sunday called on the government to establish a serious social dialogue on the social situation in the country.

The trade union organisation called on the various political parties and civil society to join this social dialogue in order to ensure the country’s stability, he stressed during a workers’ rally at the headquarters of the Regional Union of labour (URT) in Gafsa, organised on the occasion of the celebration of Labour Day.

The trade union Centre endeavours to entrench the call for a serious social dialogue to examine the general situation in the country, expose the problems and develop a roadmap on social issues, he explained.

Mbarki believed that the current situation is difficult especially in economic and social terms and requires an economic and social bailout away from provisional solutions.

Tunisia will not recover from the current crisis only through compromise, said the union official.

On the other hand, the UGTT deputy secretary-general stressed the Union’s support for protesters who claimed the right to employment but without jeopardising the country’s stability and national unity.

The trade union organisation remains the only home and place for hosting protestors whose claims are adopted by the Union. Trade union action must take into account the general interest of the country, added Mbarki.

The UGTT in no way justifies the silence of the Government which is called to propose an economic and social programme to restore confidence, he said.

Source: TAP News Agency

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