UGTT committed to imposing respect for agreements signed with government (Tabboubi) | Tunisia News Gazette

UGTT committed to imposing respect for agreements signed with government (Tabboubi)

“The Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT) is determined to impose compliance with agreements signed with the government,” Secretary-General of the UGTT Noureddine Tabboubi said in his speech on Labour Day on Tuesday at El Menzah Sports Palace.

Tabboubi stressed the need to implement as soon as possible the agreements signed with the Government, in particular, those relating to the redeployment of public officials, the eradication of precarious jobs and the regularisation of the situation of construction workers and substitute teachers in accordance with the signed agreements.

In this context, he held the authorities responsible for the non-protection of schools and health facilities where violations targeted teachers, public officials and health personnel.

The Secretary General of the UGTT emphasised the importance of the dialogue between the government and its various social partners as a strategic choice for the management of economic, social and political issues, recalling the creation of the National Council of social dialogue which will be the appropriate framework for the negotiations.

Tabboubi called on the government to implement the agreement process resulting from the working session of November 27, 2017 on the publication of the implementing decrees of the National Council for Social Dialogue and to increase, as soon as possible, the minimum wage for retirees for 2017 and 2018, in addition to the regularisation of the situation of the beneficiaries of Mechanism 16 and Mechanism 20 as well as that of construction workers recruited since 2010.

He also called for increasing the bonus awarded to contract workers in the field of adult education as from January 2018, to implement the agreements on the revision of the statutes of the civil service and the public institutions and implement the public media agreements to develop this sector.

Source: TAP News Agency

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