UGTT condemns Zionist attacks on Gaza

The Tunisian General Labor Union (French: UGTT), Saturday, condemned the crimes of the Zionist entity against the Palestinian people and the silence of the Arab States which have normalised relations with Israel.

The workers’ organisation paid homage to the martyrs who fell during Zionist raids and hailed the resistance of the Palestinian people.

In a statement released Saturday, the UGTT condemned the new crimes committed against civilians in Gaza since Friday and which have left 12 martyrs, including children and old people and injured dozens,

in addition to the demolition of homes and public buildings.

The labour organisation called on Arab governments to fulfill their responsibility amid these massacres, urging trade unionists and democratic forces in all Arab countries to stand firm against normalisation with the Zionist entity and halt all forms of cooperation with the Zionist authorities.

The union also condemned US statements regarding the “legitimacy of the Zionist entity’s right to defend itself,” saying it was an act of complicity with Israel.

Source: Tap News Agency