UGTT: demonstrations to protest against social situation, smear campaign

Demonstrations staged across the country are intended to protest against the deteriorating social state of affairs, Deputy SG of the Tunisian General Labour Union (French: UGTT) Sami Tahri said on Saturday.

They also come to decry a smear campaign against the labour union over its rejection of government policies which will only culminate in the improverishment of the people by bringing them to reel under the tax burden, he further said.

Protests will continue, Tahri told reporters on the sidelines of a worker rally held by the regional labour union in Gabés to defend trade union rights. An emergency steering committee meeting will be convened after a ban on entry imposed on guests who came to express support and solidarity with the UGTT.

“This move will have serious repercussions as much as the stance on nationals from sub-Saharan Africa which pushed some parties to boycott Tunisia,” Tahri added. The government needs to reconsider its policies to avert further complications.