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Unidentified men attack Meridian enclave residents

Some unknown men have attacked residents within the Meridian enclave in Tema Community One over the alleged killing of their friend over a stolen mobile phone.

Mr Charle Amos, the Assembly Member for the Padmore Electoral Area, told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) that he received a phone call at about 06:00 hours on Tuesday, with the report that a group made up of eight young men, were allegedly inflicting machete wounds on residents and destroying properties including parked haulage trucks and wares being sold by the roadside.

Mr Amos said upon reaching the community, he was informed that the unknown men decided to revenge the death of their friend when they went for his body from the community after his alleged murder.

He said over eight people were directly attacked by the men, and even though he called in the Police patrol team, they were unable to arrest any of the perpetrators as they fled into the Community 5000 slum, a suburb within the Meridian enclave.

He said the victims sustained various degrees
of injuries from the attack, adding that the incident had since been reported at the Tema Community One Police Station.

Ms Angela Otumi, the victim of the mobile phone robbery, narrating her ordeal to the GNA, said she was attacked by an unidentified man believed to be in his 30’s at about 05:00 hours on the day, and was held by the neck at knifepoint and ordered to release her handbag to him.

She said the incident happened just as she had alighted from a commercial vehicle at Tema Meridian and was walking towards her workplace.

The victim said although she immediately felt dizzy when he held her neck, she managed to shout, attracting a private security man nearby who quickly approached them and chased the robber, and with the help of some residents, apprehended him as he tried to escape.

She said the residents started beating him when he refused to reveal where he had hidden the stolen phone, but some Policemen who came to the scene stopped the mob attack and managed to retrieve the phone from him, but a
t that point he was very weak.

She said she immediately left the scene to go to work after receiving her phone.

Source: Ghana News Agency