Caretaker Information Minister, Ziad Makary, on Monday stressed that Beirut city “never gets tired and never gives up”, counting on the strong solidarity among its people — individuals and companies.

The minister made his statement after a meeting with the ambassadors of Arab countries, to whom he expressed ultimate joy that Beirut has been designated the “Arab Media Capital for the year 2023”.

“The purpose behind this meeting is to confirm the existing friendship between Beirut and the Arab capitals that you represent in your second country, Lebanon,” Makary added.

The meeting was attended by the Ambassadors of Tunisia, Jordan, Oman, Somalia, Qatar, Morocco, Mauritania, and Yemen, alongside diplomats from the Embassies of Sudan, Iraq, Palestine, Kuwait, and Egypt. Among attendees were also Director General of the Ministry of Information Hassan Falha, and Director of the National News Agency Ziad Harfouche.

Source: National News Agency