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Urgent solutions to counter youth’s unemployment looked at

Seeking urgent solutions to counter youths’ unemployment notably in inland regions was the focus of the 4th meeting held on Thursday between Minister of Relations with Constitutional Bodies, Civil Society and Human Rights Mehdi Ben Gharbia, Minister of Social Affairs Mohamed Trabelsi and representatives of the civil society and social movements.

Ben Gharbia said that the meeting aims to reinforce dialogue with the civil society and to listen to their proposals which will be useful to the government in taking the necessary measures for the unemployed youth, by fostering positive discrimination to boost development in inland regions.

The minister pointed out the need to reach urgent and efficient solutions to youth’s unemployment and improve the living quality in poor neighbourhoods and inland regions and integrate the parallel market in the formal trade.

The civil society representatives called for devising a national strategy for the youth which will be achieved as part of a participatory process that involves the concerned ministries, political parties and the civil society.

They also pointed out the need to lend further interest in the northwest region, given that it is an industrial, agricultural and tourist centre that require reforms at all levels.

Besides, they called for developing the agricultural sector by seeking funding for small farms and devising a clear communication strategy between the central administration and the civil society in the regions.

Source: TAP News Agency

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