US strikes in Syria: UGTT denounces attack on sovereignty of country

The Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT) on Friday condemned the US strikes against a Syrian army air force today at dawn, with 59 cruise missiles Tomahaw, describing this attack as “barbaric and a violation of the sovereignty of the country “.

The UGTT called, in a press statement, on all the foreign parties to stop aggression against Syria and to evacuate its territories, considering that what happens in this country is “an internal conflict which can only be resolved by political means”.

The trade union also condemned the chemical attack that killed children, women and the elderly, emphasising the need to open an independent international investigation to unveil the whole truth.

The UGTT has also called on the democratic forces and international civil society to put pressure on the Syrian regime’s opponents to stop funding Syria’s civil war and the transfer of arms to Syria.

The Union also cautioned against “the policy of exporting terrorists from an Arab country to another for the sole purpose of sowing destruction,” calling on the Tunisian authorities to take all necessary measures to protect the country from the terrorist infiltration.

Source: TAP news Agency