UTICA Prize for Social Innovation 2017 awarded

The Confederation of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts (UTICA) Prize for Social Innovation for the year 2017 were awarded Tuesday at a ceremony held at the headquarters of the Confederation.

This is the first social innovation competition dedicated to companies that have been in business for more than two years and to start-ups created around a social innovation.

The UTICA Prize for Social Innovation, launched by the UTICA Foundation, aims to support and promote original experiences, initiatives or innovative actions able to bring real added value both in terms of professional practice and in that of the results obtained from users, according to an UTICA press release.

These innovations regard product or service as well as the method of organisation and distribution in fields such as aging, early childhood, housing, health, fight against poverty, social inclusion, the well-being and fulfilment, specifies the same source.

Through the organisation of this day, the UTICA Foundation wants to make a contribution to the promotion of social innovation in Tunisia, said UTICA President Ouided Bouchamaoui.

In her opening remarks, Bouchamaoui presented the foundation’s dual objective of encouraging research and innovation in companies and helping those in the society who need promotion of entrepreneurship, especially those whose access to the different components of investment is difficult.

In its inclusive approach, the UTICA Foundation remains open to any partnership with every institution that shares the same values of promoting the individual as a key player in any strategy for economic and social development, she indicated.

Taking the floor, German Agency of International Co-operation (GIZ) representative Tobias Seiberlich reaffirmed the agency’s support to Tunisia. “There was always talk of technological innovation and today with this initiative we will also talk about social innovation,” he added.

The portfolio of GIZ in Tunisia is worth Euros 30 million annually interesting four fields of action: economy, employment, agriculture and water, decentralisation and renewable energy, specified the same source.

Seiberlich also announced a new co-operation project supported by GIZ, the Tunisian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK) and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation to promote social dialogue in Tunisia.

The prize for the socially innovative enterprise was awarded to

NIELSEN company

ORANGE Tunisia – with special mention

The impact investing prize (start-up founded around social innovation):

1st prize: SCIENCIA company

2nd prize: KOLNA HIRFA

3rd prize: SKILL’Z

Source: TAP News Agency