Vaccination of people aged 40 and over is priority for Health Ministry (Louzir)

The vaccination of people aged 40 and over represents a priority for the Ministry of Health, especially since their vaccination rate varies between 60 and 70 %, said member of the scientific committee to combat the coronavirus and Director General of the Tunis Pasteur Institute Hechmi Louzir.

They are more vulnerable to complications in case of infection by the coronavirus, which is still spreading in a number of countries, he added.

In a statement to TAP, Louzir confirmed that there are one million people over 40 years old who have not received any coronavirus vaccine dose, which makes them vulnerable to infection.

He said the scientific committee is considering ways to increase the vaccination coverage of the aforementioned age group, knowing that about 20 to 30 % of the population over 40, including the elderly, are not vaccinated.

Louzir announced that the authorities are moving towards intensifying vaccination campaigns by mobile health teams targeting in particular weekly markets and remote areas to increase the percentage of vaccinated people in the mentioned age group.

He acknowledged the decline in the vaccination rate in Tunisia despite the persistent spread of the Coronavirus in a number of countries around the world, recalling that during the seventh intensive vaccination open day only 174,000 were vaccinated.

Currently, more than 5 million people have completed their vaccination in Tunisia with two doses or a single dose of the “Janssen” vaccine, while about one million others have received only one dose of vaccination, pending completion of their vaccination, according to the same source.


Source: Tap News Agency