Ve Lukusi Dodoleglimeza Marks 25 Years of Cultural Re-Awakening

Ve Traditional Area, Volta Region – The Ve Traditional Area in the Afadzato South District of the Volta region recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Ve Lukusi Dodoleglimeza. This significant event, themed ‘Ve Lukusi Dodoleglimeza: 25 years of re-awakening’, commemorates a pivotal moment in the community’s history: the great migration from Notsie, now in the Republic of Togo.

According to Ghana News Agency, in a speech delivered by Togbe Akoto VIII, the Ve Miamefia and Chief of Ve Agbome, the festival is a vital occasion for promoting peace, unity, and development. The celebration marks the successful migration led by Chief Priest Atrawlui Akpakpau and other notable figures from Agbaladome (Agbaladomeawo). The Ve people, known as ‘Veawo’, were recognized for their unique dexterity, especially in orchestrating this large-scale migration undetected by the tyrant Togbui Agorkoli.

Togbuiga Delume lauded the ongoing construction of the Agenda 111 district hospital in the area, attributing its progress to the peace and unity among the people. He also expressed gratitude to the government for the newly commissioned court complex and judge’s residence. However, he raised concerns about the slow pace of the Eastern Corridor Road construction and appealed for infrastructure improvements and a school bus for the Ve Secondary School.

Nana Soglo Alloh IV, Otekple of Likpe and President of the Likpe Traditional Council, emphasized the cultural significance of the festival. He highlighted the region’s potential for eco-tourism and brown rice cultivation, urging the community to capitalize on these opportunities for economic growth.

Mr. James Etornam Flolu, Afadzato South District Chief Executive (DCE), reported that the construction of the Agenda 111 hospital, 60% complete, is a top government priority. He assured that the project would be finished and operational by June 2024, making it the largest government initiative in the district. Additionally, he acknowledged the district’s water access challenges and mentioned ongoing efforts to address this issue.

Mr. Maxwell Matthew Prempeh, President of the Ve Lukusi Improvement Society (VELIS), stressed the importance of peace for the area’s development. He encouraged the local chiefs, youth, and development associations to actively participate in the festival’s activities, using the funds raised to foster the growth of Ve.

The Ve Lukusi Dodoleglimeza, which resumed in 1998 after a 20-year hiatus, is celebrated annually with traditional drumming, dancing, and cultural displays. The festival also honors students from the area who have excelled academically, underlining the community’s commitment to education and cultural preservation.