Victims of dictatorship start sit-in at Kasbah

A group of victims of the dictatorship began Tuesday an open sit-in at the Government Square in the Kasbah “until the implementation of the decisions and judgments of the Truth and Dignity Commission and the completion of the transitional justice process.
The protesters demand to obtain their “constitutional and legal rights” and the regularisation of the transitional justice file.
“There is no question of resuming negotiations,” warned Mohamed Jemiî, general coordinator of the national alliance for the completion of the democratic transition process in a statement to TAP, calling on the government to “keep its promises.
The victims of the dictatorship are entering into an open sit-in and could start a hunger strike, he said, making the Prime Minister, the President of the Republic and the political blocs “responsible for their physical integrity in the face of possible attacks by the security forces.
He insisted on the need to decide this issue before June 24, the date of expiry of the legal deadlines provided for in Article 70 of the law of democratic transition.

Source: TAP News Agency