VoltDB Launches Active(N) Lossless Cross Data Center Replication

Patented Capability Allows VoltDB Data Platform to Replicate Data Across More Than Three Data Centers at Once While Mitigating Data Conflicts

BEDFORD, Mass., Aug. 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In direct response to the needs of its key customers, working with some of the biggest telco operators in the market, VoltDB, the leading enterprise-grade data platform built to enable fast-data decisioning, today announced the introduction of its Active(N)tm Lossless Cross Data Center Replication (XDCR). Active(N) Lossless XDCR will give telcos and enterprises seeking to build 5G use cases a huge advantage by increasing their networks’ resilience against outages and security risks, as well as adding extra protection against data loss.

Active(N) Lossless XDCR replicates data in real time across up to four or more data centers at once, allowing for “five nines” (ie, 99.999%) availability, which is quickly becoming a must-have in the age of 5G.

“We have just raised the bar on data consistency, resiliency, and scalability,” said VoltDB Chief Product Officer Dheeraj Remella. “We can now offer a level of data center replication that no other data platform can offer, and that truly enables enterprises to have foolproof uptime and resiliency built  into their architecture so that they can significantly increase their success in 5G monetization.”

5G’s promise of ultra-low latency is creating new use cases that are forcing data to be both immediately available and consistent, regardless of a user’s location. This new paradigm is inevitably leading to data conflicts. VoltDB’s unique XDCR solution will provide telcos and enterprises with the unique possibility to resolve conflicts at both the application level and the database level, in order to maintain data resiliency and consistency, even at sub-10-millisecond latencies and regardless of where the data is stored, in single or with multiple data centers.

“Anyone can do transactions quickly,” Remella said. “We enable our customers with the capabilities to do them quickly while still observing and then fixing the inevitable conflicts that arise when the same record is changed in multiple data centers at the same time. This puts telcos and enterprises that use VoltDB in a very unique position to provide unprecedented protection against data-center failure and cyber-attacks, while also providing insanely fast data-access for their globally distributed applications, including the mission-critical ones.”

With Active(N) Lossless XDCR, VoltDB enriches their enterprise grade data platform with an unprecedented functionality to help customers differentiate in the roadmap towards automation and digital transformation and to build robust networks that allow for faster 5G use case deployment and monetization.

For more information on VoltDB, visit www.voltdb.com/why-voltdb/activen-xdcr/.

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