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Voter registration for municipal elections set for December 17, proceeding timidly

The voter registration process for the municipal elections set for December 17 is proceeding timidly, inspite of advertisement and awareness campaigns started on July 7, Nabil Baffoun, member of the Independent High Authority for the elections (ISIE) said to TAP.

Up to Sunday midnight, the number of registered electors reached 124 thousand 410 (61 thousand 688 women and 62 thousand 722 men), he specified.

The campaign for registration on the electoral rolls started on June 19th.

Nabil Baffoun pointed out that the governorates of Sidi Bouzid and Kasserine and the electoral constituency of Tunis 1 have the highest registered electors (Sidi Bouzid 9,156, Kasserine 6,091 and Tunis (1) 6,689), while the governorates of Tataouine, Gafsa and Tunis 2 have, so far, the lowest rate (Tataouine 1,834, Gafsa 2,013 and Tunis (2) 2,361).

To encourage youths to register, he added, ISIE opted for modern communication tools such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

He said that as of next Monday, the mobile teams in charge of registration will increase their awareness campaigns across the country, notably in beaches, festivals and shopping centres.

He called, in this regard, the voters who changed their address between 2014 and 2017 to renew their registration.

On the other hand, Nabil Baffoun indicated that the ISIE will have a working meeting with representatives of the Ministries of Interior and Defence to review the security and military registration and voting schedule scheduled for December 10 next.

He also urged the House of Peoples’ Representatives to fill vacancies in the ISIE Council, especially that the mission of resigning ISIE President, Vice-President and member, Chafik Sarsar, Mourad Ben Mouelli and Lamia Zargouni, respectively, will end on July 24, 2017.

Source: TAP News Agency

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