Voter turnout in December 17 legislative election vote is 11.1%, says Mourakiboun

(TAP) – President of the Network “Mourakiboun” Slim Bouzid announced Sunday that the voter turnout in the legislative elections, which took place Sunday throughout Tunisia is 11.1% with a margin of error estimated at 0.6%.


Speaking at a press conference held in Tunis, Bouzid said the preliminary results show that the spoilt ballots would be around 3.9% with a margin of error of 0.3% and blank ballots would represent 2.3% with a margin of error of 0.2%.


Regarding the conduct of the election, president of the Mourakiboun network reported that observers noted the absence of candidate representatives in about 44% of polling stations visited.


Moreover, he noted that the opening of polling stations and voting operations were conducted under normal conditions with the exception of 1% of polling stations where voting was suspended for more than 15 minutes in addition to cases of violence or pressure on voters observed in 1% of polling stations.


In a statement issued Sunday, the Mourakiboun network called for the swift release of detailed election results in all polling stations.


It also said significant violations were observed in the parliamentary elections of December 17, 2022.


“These violations affect the basic principles of the organisation of elections such as equality, transparency and independence,” reads the same source.



Source: TAP News Agency

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