"Voters for municipal elections number 5 million 813 thousand until August 9 midnight", says Anwar Belhassan | Tunisia News Gazette

“Voters for municipal elections number 5 million 813 thousand until August 9 midnight”, says Anwar Belhassan

“The electoral register lists some 5 million 813 thousand voters for the municipal elections, until Wednesday August 9, 2017 at midnight”, Anouar Belhassan, vice-president of the Independent High Authority for Elections (ISIE) said on Thursday.

Voter registration started on June 19, 2017 and is expected to end on Thursday at midnight.

“Some 84,410 voters have updated their electoral data and 507,415 new voters have registered to vote, he added at a meeting with political actors in Tunis.

Belhassan said municipal candidates will compete for 7,182 seats in 350 municipalities.

“The municipal elections set for December 17, 2017 will be held on time and there is no intention to revise the date of these polls, he emphasized.

The ISIE has already announced the deadlines for the submission of applications from 19 to 26 September 2017, he recalled.

“The ISIE Council will meet today, following its meetings with representatives of political parties and components of civil society, to consider the possibility of extending the registration deadlines,” he announced.

During the meeting, Anouar Belhassan expressed the wish to see the House of People’s Representatives (ARP), adopt the draft Code of Local Authorities, before the date of the polls scheduled for December 17, 2017.

He also called on the Government to speed up the process of setting up the judicial chambers and to guarantee the best conditions for conducting elections in accordance with the principles of transparency and integrity and in accordance with the rules of democracy.

The ISIE will give a press conference on Friday to inform the public of the progress of the electoral process.

Source: TAP News Agency

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