Ways to boost Tunisia-Saudi Arabia co-operation in health field discussed | Tunisia News Gazette

Ways to boost Tunisia-Saudi Arabia co-operation in health field discussed

Ways to boost health co-operation between Tunisia and Saudi Arabia was the focus of a meeting held on Tuesday between Health Minister Samira Merai Friaa and Abdul-Rahman Al-Aiban, Saudi Deputy Minister of Health for Human Resources.

An agreement was reached to send Tunisian doctors to Saudi Arabia as part of the visiting doctor’s regime in order to supervise and train Saudi doctors for a 3-month period.

The agreement also provides for dispatching a female medical staff because of the lack recorded in Saudi Arabia in this field.

On this occasion, the Health Minister pointed out efforts exerted to facilitate the recruitment of paramedics in Saudi Arabia, stressing in this regard the need to find a solution for the equivalence of Tunisian diplomas in this specialty.

Merai said that specialties in the paramedical sector are taught in Saudi Arabia for four years against three years in Tunisia.

She pointed out that solutions are being studied as an example of adding one year of training in addition to 6 months of language training in English in order to meet the Saudi job market.

For his part, the Saudi official pointed out in a statement to TAP the competence of the Tunisian medical staff, voicing wish that the agreements reached at this meeting will be implemented as soon as possible.

Source: TAP News Agency

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