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Ways to develop Tunisian-Algerian border regions looked at

Create development centres in the Tunisian-Algerian border regions and boost bilateral co-operation are the main recommendations issued from a meeting held on Thursday in the Kef, with the participation of representatives of the civil society and the regional union of industry, trade and handicrafts.

The meeting was held at the initiative of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Foundation in co-operation with the Sigma Conseil consulting and statistics firms, to look at means to develop these border regions and identify joint projects for the benefit of both countries, notably the local population.

The participants highlighted the importance of creating development centres to help bolster the economic activity in these border regions and reinforce bilateral co-operation for the two countries’ interest.

Several promising projects in agriculture and food and manufacturing industries were presented by the participants who called on the government to upgrade the infrastructure in inland regions.

According to a poll conducted by Sigma Conseil in October 2016 nationwide, especially in northwest regions, about the question Is Tunisia’s development inherent to strong relations with Algeria?, 70 to 95% of the interviewees voiced satisfaction at the Tunisian-Algerian relations and optimism at the future of both countries and prospects of bilateral co-operation.

Source: TAP News Agency

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