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Ways to increase Tunisian-Jordanian economic exchanges discussed

“The establishment of a committee to assess Tunisian-Jordanian economic relations and the review of obstacles that have led to a decline in bilateral economic exchanges”, were the main recommendations of participants in a meeting held on Tuesday at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tunis (CCIT) with a Jordanian economic delegation representing the chambers of commerce and industry in that country.

Participants called, prior to the Tunisian-Jordanian business forum expected Wednesday in Tunis, to create a technical committee in the two countries representing the private and public sectors, within the framework of a bilateral co-operation agreement between exporters of both countries to follow up all economic issues in order to resolve them immediately with the concerned sides.

They also recommended, according to a statement from the CCIT, to examine ways to achieve export complementarity between the two countries and access export markets, by drawing on the original certificates of origin.

Participants placed emphasis on the importance of activating the signing of the standards and criteria compliance agreement between the two countries.

In this context, they emphasised the need to create an economic data platform between the two parties, through the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Tunis and Jordan, in addition to setting up a committee to consider the establishment of an efficient direct maritime line between Tunisia and Jordan.

Strengthening co-operation relations between businesswomen of both countries was also among the main recommendations of the economic operators who took part in the meeting.

A committee of experts should also be established to build economic partnerships to access markets in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon and to contribute to the reconstruction of these countries.

The Tunisian private sector has been called upon to take advantage of the transport of goods by the Jordanian port of Aqaba to the Iraqi capital Baghdad in a period not exceeding six days.

Source: TAP News Agency

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