What is missing in Tunisia is political leadership, says Nejib Chebbi as he announces his new party | Tunisia News Gazette

What is missing in Tunisia is political leadership, says Nejib Chebbi as he announces his new party

President of the “Democratic Movement” Nejib Chebbi said Wednesday that “what is missing in Tunisia today is the political leadership in the noble sense of the term”. The failure of successive governments since 2011 has provoked a general sense of disappointment and killed the hopes of Tunisians, he added.

Nejib Chebbi, who announced on Wednesday at a press conference, the foundation of his party “Democratic Movement”, has cast doubt on the organisation of municipal elections in time, namely March 25, 2018. ” The independence of the president of the Independent High Authority for the Election (ISIE) is questionable and his election was decided from outside, “he said.

Introducing the programme of his new party, Nejib Chebbi said it will focus primarily on reforming education and restoring confidence in what he calls “educational elevator”. The slogan of the party, he added, revolves around the trilogy: Freedom, Equity and Excellence.

On his possible candidacy for the presidential election of 2019, Nejib Chebbi commented: “There is no need to anticipate this question now: Being or not being a candidate is a decision that belongs to the party structures”.

Regarding his political experiences in the past, Nejib Chebbi conceded “I did not win the elections, but I did not fail in the management of public life”. Those who failed in the exercise of power are those who have led the country since 2011, including the Troika and the current government, he said.

“We are reaching out to the entire democratic community to build a pressure and proposal force,” Nejib Chebbi said, saying that his party will be active on the political scene and will give an important place to youth.

For his part, Secretary-General of the Democratic Movement, Lazhar Bali said that “Tunisia is now placed under a foreign mandate and is subject to the dictates of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank”.

It is now a question of working on the independence of the national decision, he said, noting that the commercial port of Ennfidha was not achieved so as not to upset France.

The constitutive committee of the Democratic Movement is composed of personalities like Mohamed Gahbich, Walid Maaouia, Kamel Ben Hamouda, Taieb Houidi and Hamadi Maalaoui.

Ridha Belhaj and Khemaies Kssila of “Tunisia First” movement and former governor of the Central Bank of Tunisia Mustapha Kamel Nabli addented, in particular, the announcement of the constitution of the new party.

Tunisia has 210 parties. They were mostly created after 2011.

Source: TAP News Agency

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