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Women’s associations recommend enactment of guidance law against socio-economic exclusion of women

A group of women’s associations called on the government to enact a guidance law against exclusion and socio-economic marginalisation of women, which will serve as a basis for the development of a national strategy in this field.

This recommendation was made at a conference organised Saturday in Tunis on the theme “mechanisms for socio-economic integration of vulnerable women …”what prevention against discrimination, violence and exclusion? at the initiative of the “Bayti” association active in the field of promoting women’s rights and the achievement of gender equality, and with the participation of several women’s associations and representatives of the ministries of women, Social Affairs and Vocational Training and Employment.

The work of the conference was carried out through three workshops on the mechanisms of social protection for women; Investment and micro-projects, as well as employment and training.

Experts in women’s affairs and socio-economic issues took part in these workshops. They include academics and representatives of the Association of Democratic Women, the “Bayti” Association, the Tunisian League for the Defense of Human Rights and the Center for Research and Studies, Documentation and Information on Women (CREDIF).

In an address delivered at the closing session of the conference, Minister of Social Affairs Mohamed Trabelsi voiced support for the proposal for the enactment of a guidance law against exclusion and socio-economic marginalisation of woman.

He said that much remains to be done to achieve total equality, asserting that the attitude towards the rights of Tunisian women makes it possible to measure the democratic progress and the progress made in the fields of freedoms.

The minister added that the achievements made by the Tunisian society in the protection of women’s rights and equality between men and women and the measures taken to combat marginalisation are considerable. He said that 54 % of civil servants are women. Women have a strong presence in the education sector (50%) and a majority in the pharmaceutical sector (72%).

Their presence in the industrial sector stands at 44% and 31% in the legal profession.

The participants in the conference also recommended that women’s vocational training should be further promoted so as to enable them to obtain a qualification that would facilitate their access to the labour market. They also called for equal pay for men and women and to develop strategies to combat women’s unemployment, since the financial autonomy of women enables them to be an active member in society.

President of Bayti Association Sana Ben Achour, said that a report on the recommendations of this conference will be sent to the ministries concerned and that meetings will be organised on the guidance law against women’s exclusion and marginalisation.

This conference was held on the occasion of the celebration of the 5th anniversary of the foundation of the Bayti association.

Source: TAP News Agency

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