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Yassine Ayari sworn in before HPR

Yassine Ayari, new deputy in the House of People’s Representatives (HPR), was sworn in on Wednesday at the opening of the plenary session attended by 116 MPs.

In a statement to TAP, Ayari said he will endeavour to honour all his election promises in the 1st three weeks of work in parliament. “I was honest I had only given clear, concise and achievable promises that I will make sure to materialise,” he specified.

On his intention to join the democratic bloc, Ayari said that the political family of the “social-left wing” is the closest to his political orientations. “Having said that, my membership in this block remains a project,” he pointed out, adding that working in a parliamentary bloc will be much more effective than working individually.

Imed Daimi, a member of the democratic bloc, said for his part that as members of the bloc, we consider that the accession of new MP Yassine Ayari to our parliamentary group can only be a plus for the group as well as for the opposition more generally.”

Wednesday’s plenary session will examine the draft law approving amendment of Article 14 of the regulations of the World Tourism Organisation and the draft law approving the return to the State of the bond issued by the Central Bank of Tunisia on the international financial market subject of the agreements concluded between the Central Bank of Tunisia and a group of foreign financial institutions.

Source: TAP news Agency

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