35% progress in work to extend southern entrance to the capital

The rate of progress of the work to extend the southern entrance to the capital has reached 35%, Minister of Equipment and Housing Sarra Zaafrani told TAP. She added that the pace of work on the four lots is satisfactory and in line with the project’s schedule and deadlines, pending the start of work on the fifth lot after the completion of the preliminary development phase. The project consists of two sections: the first concerns the rehabilitation and extension of the motorway from the intersection of the southern suburbs of the capital to the centre of the capital at the level of the Djebel Jeloud bridge, and the second concerns the connection of National Road No. 3, its extension from the intersection of the Traumatology and Burns Centre to the intersection of El Yahoudia, passing through the intersection of El Mourouj 1 and 2. The works will include the rehabilitation of the existing interchanges, in addition to the construction of at least two lanes in each direction and crossroads in the second part of the project towards the entrance to El Yahoudia. The project also includes the widening of the motorway to a capacity of 4 to 6 lanes in each direction, according to the studies carried out, and the construction of two major interchanges at the El Mourouj junction and the El Yahoudia entrance. According to the latest statistics from the National Traffic Observatory, the pilot project to widen the southern entrance to the capital will allow the dense traffic of more than 150,000 vehicles per day to flow more smoothly and will improve the road linking the capital with neighbouring towns. The overall efficiency of the project is estimated at 20%. The project is jointly financed by the State and the European Investment Bank (EIB) at an estimated cost of around TND 370 million.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse