Adaklu mountain to be developed for paragliding

Madam Juliana Kpedekpo, District Chief Executive for Adaklu in the Volta Region has disclosed that the Assembly is taking steps to develop the famous Adaklu Mountain for paragliding.

She said when the plans were fully implemented, the District would become a major hub for tourism in the Volta Region, citing some feasibility studies that had already been done in that regard.

Madam Kpedekpo said this when the Assembly took turns presenting the district’s investment potential to the business community at the Sixth Volta Trade and Investment Fair, in Ho.

She said the Assembly was eager to work with investors to realise the dream because the mountain boasted of stunning scenery and caves that were home to a variety of tropical wild animals, including bats and various breeds of monkeys.

Madam Kpedekpo mentioned the Cemetery for German Allied Missionaries, Kalakpa Resource Reserve, and Praise City (Point and Kill) as other noteworthy tourist sites in the district.

She said the Kalakpa Forest Reserve was create
d in 1975 to protect the area’s valuable and rare blend of short grassland savannah and dry forest and it was situated three kilometres from the base of the Adaklu Mountain.

Madam Kpedekpo said the Reserve offered excellent chances for wildlife viewing and a landscape of hills and plains, which made it an excellent destination for tourists.

In addition to numerous bird and butterfly species, antelopes, bushbuck (Tragelaphus scriptus), porcupines, and other bird and mammal species, the resident wildlife included Buffalo, Kob, Oribi, Waterbuck, the Red River Hog, and several types of monkeys and baboons, she said.

She said the Kalakpa boasted an incredibly stunning landscape and was likely the only location in southern Ghana where indigenous wildlife and native vegetation coexist.

The reserve was surrounded by low-lying plains to the south and east, and the Abutia hills, which were a part of the Togo Ranges, bordered it to the west and north.

Within the reserve, the Kalakpa River formed the spine of a grou
p of more than te rivers and streams that flow generally southward, she said.

The DCE said the district has the potential to produce livestock as well, including cattle, sheep, goats, and poultry, which was why the Assembly established a livestock market at Adaklu-Waya.

She said the livestock market was still developing to reach its maximum potential, and the Assembly was prepared to partner investors to ensure its full development.

Madam Kpedekpo said the area’s drainage and relief systems made the large expanse of level land suitable for large-scale mechanised farming and real estate development.

Apart from its current use by farmers for food preservation, Madam Kpedekpo said the high intensity of sunlight in the district could be tapped for solar energy production.

The DCE said the district’s water resources could also be harnessed for irrigational purposes and for year-round farming to ensure food security.

Madam Kpedekpo said the district was chiefly an agrarian economy and there was much potential
for commercial agriculture investment opportunities and entreated investors to cease the opportunity to invest in the district.

She said crop production formed the base of the District’s agriculture output, and the principal food crops grown in the District, were maize, pepper, plantains, cassava, cocoyam, legumes, watermelon, and dotted tree crops like mango, orange, cashew, pawpaw, coconut, vegetables, and oil palm.

The DCE said investors looking to get a good return on their investment should visit the district as it was currently the best investment hub in the Volta Region.

She stated that the District’s proximity to Ho, the regional capital, made it an ideal location for investments in real estate, agribusiness, hospitality, and commerce, among other industries.

Madam Kpedekpo said the Assembly’s goal was to improve people’s standard of living by offering and preserving essential services in the fields of health, education, sanitation, and other social amenities.

Source: Ghana News Agency