African Leaders Call for Reparations for Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Atrocities

Accra – At the inaugural Accra Reparations Conference (ARC), African leaders have united in their call for reparation and restitution for the historical injustices of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. The conference, hosted by Ghana, has brought together prominent figures to address the long-standing impacts of this dark period in history.

According to Ghana News Agency, who spoke at the opening session of the four-day conference, the trans-Atlantic slave trade represents “the most barbaric episode in human history.” He emphasized that the atrocities inflicted during this period continue to affect African societies and those in the Diaspora, stripping people of their self-esteem, dignity, and image.

President Akufo-Addo noted the devastating effects of the slave trade on the continent, stating that it had severely hindered Africa’s economic, cultural, and psychological progress. He highlighted that the repercussions of these atrocities cannot be quantified, but it is essential to acknowledge the immense losses suffered by African people during that era. The President strongly advocated for reparations, asserting that they are long overdue for Africa and the African Diaspora.