Around 160,000 people have received training under ‘Eco-driving’ programme

Around 160,000 Tunisians have received training in energy-efficient driving techniques as part of the “Eco-driving” programme, which was launched in 2018 as part of a partnership between Tunisia and Switzerland and aims to rationalise energy consumption.

Director in charge of energy efficiency in the transport sector at the National Agency for Energy Management (ANME), Abdelhmid Ganouni, told TAP around 160,000 people have so far benefited from training under the “Eco-driving” programme. The latter is the result of a partnership between the Tunisian and Swiss governments with the support of the Swiss Foundation for Technical Cooperation (Swiss Contact).

Speaking on the sidelines of an information day organised by the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training to announce the results of this specialised training programme, he added that since the launch of the “Eco-driving” programme, a core group of trainers in this field has been created, in addition to training platforms for professional drivers work
ing in the public and private sectors.

The programme also includes the training of trainers in training centres and the training of instructors affiliated to the Agence Technique des Transports Terrestres (ATTT), pending the launch of training for beginners to obtain a driving licence, with the aim of rationalising the energy consumption of vehicles.

The “eco-driving” programme, which runs until 2026, aims to reduce energy consumption in the transport sector.

For his part, Ammar Mejri, Director General of Services for Training Candidates at the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training, told TAP as part of this programme, training units have been concentrated for the benefit of national graduates from vocational training and higher education systems, both public and private, to further develop their skills in the specialisations required by the labour market.

The Tunisian vocational training agency, the national centre for the training of trainers and technical training (CENAFFIF), the national trans
port federation and ANME have joined forces to create specialised training in commercial driving.

To this end, a training platform has been set up at the sectoral training centre for transport and logistics professions in Borj Cédria to run these courses, said Mejri.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse