Curtains rise on Carthage Music Days

The opening ceremony of the eighth Carthage Music Days took place on Saturday evening at Tunis Opera Theatre, Tunis Culture City.

The event, running till January 28, is open to all cultural expressions. Production and distribution networks will come under focus in this edition.

A posthumous tribute was paid to Tunisian artist Ridha Belhaj Khlifa; the event was also an opportunity to pay homage to Tunisian jazz artists Alia Sellami and Faouzy Chkili as well as to Egyptian composer and conductor Selim Sahab.

Minister of Cultural Affairs Hayet Ketat Guermazi said for the second edition in a row Carthage Music Days will not be a competition event. They will rather bring together artists from different countries “around music as a universal language.”

Singer Dorsaf Hemdani, the first woman to assume the position of artistic director since the festival’s inaugural edition in 2010, said the event is designed to serve as a platform for meetings and exchange for musicians exploring new genres.

Over 40 shows from 18 countries are on the agenda.

Source: Tap News Agency