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El-Kana Ministries International changes its name

The leadership of El-Kana Ministries International in Tema Community Three has unveiled and renamed the ministry as Greater Grace Impact Ministries (GGIM).

Apostle Ernest Adeti, the General Overseer of the church, said at a ceremony to unveil the new name that, the church’s new identity would impact the grace of God on the next generation to know and fear God and serve him with their hearts, souls, and resources.

Apostle Adeti said looking at the pace at which the world is evolving and changing, if the new generation was not brought up in a Godly manner, the world would be chaotic and full of sin. 

He said the core mandate of churches was to impact the new generation through the fear of the Lord, the essence of his resurrection, and the power Christ gave to Christians.

‘The name is a demonstration of Christ in the church, calling out the apostles and faithful followers and giving them power over unclean spirits, casting demons, and pouring out the great grace and power of God that dwells in them,’ he adde

Apostle Adeti said Christians should note that Christ died for their sins and took away their old lives; therefore, their attitudes, characters, and behaviours must reflect Christ.

He said that as a country, it was important for the citizens to be Christ-centered in all their endeavours, showing diligence, transparency, and accountability, whether in the political field, church, workplace, or even with their families and society.

He cautioned Christians against judging and condemning unbelievers, but rather preaching the undiluted gospel and encouraging others to believe in God and receive salvation.

He urged Christians not to lose faith, saying, ‘As humans, we may offend each other or even the one who created us, but that does not mean you should lose faith in God, your first love, or forget about his love; rather, we should hold on to our faith because every step we take in the world will be full of trials and tests.’

Apostle Adeti, touching on the ongoing challenge of the Ghanaian Proper Human Sexu
al Rights and Family Bill, popularly known as the anti-gay bill, said Christian values should be upheld highly as God does not encourage same-sex relationships or marriage, noting that what happened in biblical Sodom and Gomorrah was a clear depiction of God’s wrath if such a thing should happen in Ghana.

He urged President Akufo-Addo to assent to the bill passed by parliament, as failure to do so as a leader might put a curse on future generations and could also disrupt the peace in the country.

Source: Ghana News Agency