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Election 2024: Moslems urged to clothe themselves with peace, love

Mr Francis Kwadwo Oppong, the Dormaa West District Chief Executive (DCE), has advised Moslems to clothe themselves with peace and love, enshrined in the Holy Quran, to control their lives as the nation gears towards the Election 2024.

Describing Islam as an embodiment of peace and unity, he said the Ghanaians looked forward to seeing those virtues manifesting and shaping the lives of Moslems after they had successfully gone through their 30-day Ramadan fast and prayers.

Mr Oppong gave the advice when he addressed a gathering of Moslems at the Nkrankwanta Presbyterian School Park, to climax the end of the Ramadan fast and prayers.

He expressed appreciation to the members of the Islamic faith for their unceasing prayers and intercession for the nation.

He said he was optimistic and convinced that with the fasting and prayers, God would bless Ghana and sail the nation through a peaceful and violent-free general election.

Mr Oppong explained the government was on course resuscitating and putting the national
economy on sound footings amid the global economic downturns, saying the nation’s economy now had a promising, resilient growth.

Alhaji Issah Sadique, the Dormaa West Chief Imam, stressed the commitment of the Muslim community in the area to support the development aspirations of the district, and expressed appreciation to the DCE for his assistance to the Moslems throughout the Ramadan period.

Source: Ghana News Agency