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FORAF, Platform for Sharing Good Practices with ‘Very Promising’ Future (Ghanaian Regional Minister)

In a statement to MAP, on the sidelines of her participation in the first FORAF, Assan said that “the future of this event is very promising and that the enthusiasm of all participants is a clear indicator that we are ready to move forward and work together to advance the different African regions, and for the good of all”.

The event provides, explained the Ghanaian minister, a framework for collaboration and partnership building for several ministers and regional officials with other regions to learn good practices and benefit from them.

“It is very positive, in my opinion, to be able to evolve together and reaffirm that we are one, and that we have everything to gain by coming together around the common interest of the continent,” she said, describing the FORAF as very beneficial, which works to highlight the wealth of experiences conducted by the various regional governments both within the continent and internationally, and create a climate of peace, good neighborliness and harmony between African communities and societies.

Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse