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Google releases ‘open’ AI models after Meta

Google on Wednesday released new artificial intelligence (AI) models that outside developers potentially can fashion as their own, following a similar move by Meta Platforms and others.

The Alphabet subsidiary said individuals and businesses can build AI software based on its new family of ‘open models’ called Gemma, for free. The company is making key technical data such as what are called model weights publicly available, it said.

The move may attract software engineers to build on Google’s technology and encourage usage of its newly profitable cloud division. The models are ‘optimized’ for Google Cloud, where first-time cloud customers using them get $300 in credits, the company said.

Google stopped short of making Gemma fully ‘open source,’ meaning the company still may have a hand in setting terms of use and ownership. Some experts have said open-source AI was ripe for abuse, while others have championed the approach for widening the set of people who can contribute to and benefit from the technology.

Source: Ghana News Agency