Keta Municipal Security Council Issues Warning Against Fishing in Tidal Wave Zones

Keta – The Keta Municipal Security Council (MUSEC) in the Volta Region has issued a caution to local fisherfolks, advising them to avoid fishing along coastal areas identified as tidal wave zones. This warning aims to prevent unforeseen disasters in areas increasingly vulnerable to coastal erosion.

According to Ghana News Agency, the Keta Municipal Coordinating Director, and provided to the Ghana News Agency, MUSEC is deeply concerned about the deteriorating state of the coastline, particularly along the stretch near Agblor Lodge and Aborigines Beach Resort. The statement indicated that the Keta Municipal Assembly had reached out to the Ministry of Works and Housing seeking support to counter the coastal erosion threatening hospitality facilities along the shoreline. The Assembly is committed to finding a lasting solution to this devastating situation.

Residents and visitors along the coastlines and beaches in Keta have expressed fears that the entire area could be washed away if immediate and effective measures are not implemented. They have called upon authorities to urgently construct a standard sea defense wall along the affected areas to protect lives and properties.

A recent visit to the affected areas by the Ghana News Agency revealed the extent of the damage caused by the encroaching sea. It was observed that the sea had already washed away some properties and destroyed the fence walls of several resorts along the coast, highlighting the urgency of the situation.