Local elections: Candidate in “Ettahrir 2” urges youth and women to get engaged

Mehrzia Chehibi, the only candidate for the local elections in the “Ettahrir 2” constituency, said she will seek during her election campaign to convince the local population of the importance of contributing to the management of public affairs and to urge young people and women in particular to participate with their opinions and proposals for improving the overall situation in their region.

Speaking to TAP on Saturday, the candidate underlined the need to instil in young people a sense of belonging to their homeland and to restore their confidence in the possibility of changing reality for the better.

She undertook to find urgent solutions for certain unemployed young people, to set up a children’s leisure space and a public library, and to equip sports facilities.

In the social field, the candidate promised to help needy families and to provide some of them with free healthcare cards.

Chehibi’s electoral programme includes the completion of the hospital project in the Ettahrir neighbourhood, the creat
ion of a night pharmacy, the safeguarding and rehabilitation of land for the construction of “SPROLOS” buildings, the improvement of public lighting and sewerage networks and the creation of green spaces.

As far as her election campaign is concerned, the 38-year-old candidate, who holds a higher education degree, said that she will start her campaign on Saturday, by displaying the electoral declaration in the place allocated to her, in addition to distributing it to residents and publicising its points.

Eleven candidates are standing for elections to the Ettharir Local Council, including 9 directly-elected candidates and two others with disabilities chosen by sortition.

The “Ettahrir” delegation is divided into 5 constituencies.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse