Local elections-Tunis 2: Candidate Souheib Shili promises to find solution to public transport ‘dilemma’

Candidate representing the electoral district of El Omrane Supérieur ( district of Tunis 2), Souheib Shili, reiterated that if elected, he will find a solution to the “dilemma” of public transport, a real problem in the area.

Candidate Shili also promised to help with the creation of micro-projects to the unemployed, the construction of a public library and a football field and increase youth clubs in the district.

It should be noted that Souheib Shili, who ran as a candidate in the local elections in the electoral district of El-Omrane Supérieur, is 37 years old and serves as secretary to a bailiff-notary.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse