Medenine: mock drill on celebration of World Civil Defence Day

Civil Defence units in the governorate of Medenine, celebrated, Wednesday, the World Civil Defence Day, organised on the theme “The role of information technology in risk assessment”.

A ceremony was held on this occasion; it was attended by volunteers from the civil defence, the Tunisian Red Crescent and the Tunisian Scouts, in addition to a number of boarders of kindergartens, to root the culture of volunteerism.

The celebration of this event saw the organisation of a mock drill on rescue and relief operation, carried out by the 24 members of the last promotion of volunteers who obtained a certificate of competence, in addition to the 140 volunteers from the last five classes of volunteers.

On this occasion, Regional Director of Civil Defence in Medenine, Atef Houij stressed to TAP the importance of this pilot experience in the creation of a core of volunteers, emphasising the need to generalise it to all the delegations of the region.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse