Military Court of Appeal drops charges against Abderrazek Kilani [Upd 1]

(TAP) – The Military Court of Appeal decided Friday to drop charges against former president of the Bar Association Abderrazek Kilani and overturn the first instance ruling for “lack of jurisdiction of the Court.”


The prosecutor’s office decided to appeal the court’s decision in cassation, Abderrazek Kilani told TAP on Friday. The prosecutor’s office filed an application for a judicial review of the court’s decision, Abderrazek Kilani told TAP.


The former president of the Bar Association has been subjected to judicial prosecution before the Military Court since May 2022 on several charges, including «inciting police officers to rebellion.» This was in a context of a verbal exchange with police officers last January 2 outside Habib Bougatfa hospital in Bizerte where his client Noureddine Bhiri, leader of Ennahdha, was admitted.


Ealier, Kilani told TAP “the exchange was held in in full observance of the rules of courtesy,» while denying charges of incitement to disobedience.e


The Military Court of First Instance handed Abderrazek Kilani a suspended one-month prison sentence in May.


Source: TAP News Agency