New “El Amen” centre for women victims of violence opens in Tunis governorate

A new 15-bed “El Amen” centre for women victims of violence and the children accompanying them opened its doors on Friday in a suburb of the governorate of Tunis.

The new “El Amen” centre, the 12th of its kind, joins a number of “El Amen” centres spread across many of the Republic’s governorates to provide accommodation for women victims of violence and their accompanying children, with a capacity of 186 beds.

Three new centres will be opened in the governorates of Bizerte, Siliana and Medenine during the first quarter of next year, Minister of Family, Women, Children and the Elderly Amel Belhaj Moussa told the media on the sidelines of the centre’s inauguration.

She explained that the establishment of this new centre in the governorate of Tunis is in response to the high number of reports received on the toll-free number “1899” about cases of violence against women in this governorate, where the number has reached over 700 reports, pointing out that all these centres have been made available to houseless
women who are victims of violence.

The opening date of the “El Amen” centre in the governorate of Tunis, she explained, is in line with the international campaign to combat violence against women, and also with the programme announced by the Ministry for 2022, which aims to provide a shelter for victims of violence and their children in every governorate of the republic before the end of 2024, in application of the requirements of Chapter 39 of Law 58 of 2017.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse