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Parliament to look into legal issues relating to MPs’ declaration of assets

Speaker of the House of People’s Representatives (ARP) Brahim Bouderbala said legal issues relating to MPs’ declaration of financial interests and assets will be brought to the table soon so as to take necessary measures.
Bouderbala Thursday told TAP the rules of procedure committee, which officially started its activities, will examine all issues in connection to the rights and duties of deputies, including declarations of assets and interests.
The Law No. 2018-46 of August 1, 2018, on the declaration of assets and interests and the fight against illicit enrichment and the conflict of interest stipulates that MPs shall declare their assets and interests within no more than 60 days of the date of the announcement of the final results of elections , the date of appointment or the date of taking office.
The committee, chaired by MP Imed Ouled Jebril, will also discuss the broad guidelines for parliamentary action, particularly the system of parliamentary blocs.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse (TAP)