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President Saied rejects any interference in Tunisia’s internal affairs

Tunisia does not accept any interference in its internal affairs, just as it does not tolerate any interference in its foreign policy, President Kais Saied said.


The Head of State sharply denounced during a meeting on Friday with Minister of Foreign Affairs, Migration and Tunisians Abroad Nabil Ammar, an offensive launched against Tunisia, pointing out that this relentless campaign has been orchestrated by known circles with known motives, a footage published by the Presidency of the Republic show.


The rumours, false news and pseudo-stories fabricated on the degrading treatment of Africans in Tunisia are part of a relentless campaign against Tunisia and its State, she regretted.


The president seized the opportunity to reaffirm his position of categorical rejection of the accusations of racial discrimination made against Tunisia, underlining that he does not tolerate any practice of racial discrimination or trafficking in human beings, nor would he tolerate, on the other hand, that Tunisia be the victim of such abuses, or that Tunisian legislation be flouted by alternative jurisdictions.


He recalled in this regard, the measures recently taken by Tunisia to facilitate as much as possible the stay of sub-Saharan African brothers, stressing that Tunisia’s relations with the rest of Africa are strong and solid and “can in no way be affected by campaign peddlers who have sold their conscience at the price of blind subservience to foreigners to harm and target their country, Tunisia.”


He called on the countries that had spread the false allegation of racial discrimination in Tunisia to “reconsider their racist and colonialist history in a critical spirit to see the heavy toll they have imposed on African countries.”


Besides, the President of the Republic reaffirmed that Tunisia has supported the liberation movements of the African peoples from the very beginning and has never failed to protect its brother Africans as human beings, regardless of their colour.


He warned against the potential risks of seeing Africa’s future being shaped elsewhere.



Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse (TAP)