Sousse: Symposium on “sustainable development and waste recovery”

The Regional Office of the Tunisian Association of Engineers (OIT) in Sousse organised on Saturday a scientific symposium on “sustainable development and waste recovery” with the participation of a group of experts in the field.

The organisation of this event comes on the sidelines of the celebration, on March 4 each year, of the World Day of Engineering for Sustainable Development, decided by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO).

In a statement to TAP, the member of the ILO executive office in Sousse, Mohamed Ben Sghaier, said that the meeting is part of the implementation of the programme of the sustainable development plan for the year 2030, a programme with 17 objectives, adopted unanimously in 2015 by the UN member states.

In this respect, the representative of the regional commission of tourism in Sousse, Imen Kadria told TAP that letters have been sent to the hotel units of the region, for the adoption of the selective sorting of waste and the encouragement of hotels to adhere to the international standard ISO 14001, relating to the environmental management system.

She added that a project has been launched to include 40 hotels in the waste recovery system and to abandon the use of plastic materials.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse